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Hediyeh Bell is an impressionist oil painter and sculptor based in Sonoma, California. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Art College of San Francisco in 2003.

Hediyeh has spent much of her time outdoors, finding constant inspiration by the beauty of wine country. Frequent traveling has also provided rich opportunities for capturing life in places like Italy, Thailand, Mexico and Bali.

Not only does Hediyeh enjoy painting landscapes, she loves to also capture movement, feeling and mood in simple gestural drawings and paintings. Where her gestures really begin to come to life is in her figure sculptures. She is devoted to her passion and helps involve those in the surrounding community so that future generations can grow and appreciate the fine arts.

Feel free to explore the works of Hediyeh. Exhibitions are held regularly throughout the surrounding community. If you would like to purchase a piece or commission a portrait, please visit the contact section of this site.
Path, by Hediyeh
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